Adam…Ken Adam – Licensed to Build

     |    Friday March 11th, 2016  |     13

In memoriam Ken Adam – first published on June 7, 2012. By Andrew Horn This was an interview I did a few years ago for an article that was much too short to take advantage of the material. Ken Adam is a production designer responsible for the early James Bond films (into the Roger Moore 

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Interview mit Alex McDowell – Teil 3

     |    Monday July 15th, 2013

by Andrew Horn   Q: Do you ever go so far as to do the story boarding for actual scenes? I feel like I’m increasingly doing that, but not physically, I find that I’m putting pencil to paper less and less.  I think my day breaks down into about 1 hour of design and about 

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Interview mit Alex McDowell – Teil 2

     |    Thursday July 11th, 2013

by Andrew Horn Q: So far we’ve been talking about a lot of stylized work – how much does one need a Production Designer for realistic looking films? I increasingly feel that locations are just an extension of the Production Designer’s palette. I might not have said that 5 years ago as much. You can’t 

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Interview mit Alex McDowell – Teil 1

     |    Monday July 8th, 2013

By Andrew Horn Since talking about the Superman movie I remembered that I had done an interview with Alex McDowell, who was not only Production Designer on Man Of Steel for Zack Snyder, but also Snyder’s earlier Watchmen, which had a very different look. While working mostly on major budget films, McDowell could be hyper-stylized 

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