In The Hand

     |    Wednesday January 23rd, 2013

I just finished reading a wonderful book, The One, by R.J. Smith, whom I’ve known since he was a young whippersnapper in New York writing for the Village Voice. Although there’s a Kindle edition, and, presumably, other e-book editions, and although the pictures in the book are hardly crucial, so it makes sense to buy 

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The Future: Curiously Like The Past

     |    Thursday January 3rd, 2013

A note to the wary: no top ten list, no recap of 2012, no prognostication is contained herein. Which ought to make it very unlike a lot of stuff cluttering up the Web today, as we dust off the holidays and get back to work. And with luck, you have work to do. Look around 

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Death! Doom! Disaster! Digital Dismay!

     |    Wednesday August 22nd, 2012

I suppose I could start this with the well-worn “I read the news today oh, boy,” but that plays too easily into the fact that it’s mid-August, a lot of the world is experiencing record heat, and there hasn’t been anything much happening because it’s the height of the silly season in the world of 

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SXSWI Was There

     |    Wednesday March 14th, 2012

AUSTIN, TEXAS — I don’t have the final figures (I couldn’t: this is being written Monday as registration is theoretically still going on, and so far there have been 15,000 last-minute walk-ups), but it now appears that SXSW Interactive is outdrawing SXSW Film and SXSW Music. Not surprising, considering that the ubiquity of the digital 

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