WIE ICH LERNTE, DIE ZAHLEN ZU LIEBEN – Dokumentarfilm von Oliver Sechting und Max Taubert

     |    Saturday December 20th, 2014

Oliver Sechting wird den ganzen Tag lang von Zahlenkombinationen und Farben gequält. Er leidet unter einer psychischen Krankheit namens „Magische Zwangsvorstellung“. Eigentlich wollte der Berliner Filmemacher mit seinem Ko-Regisseur Max Taubert in New York die Szene der Independent-Künstler beleuchten. Doch das Projekt wird von Sechtings Leiden überschattet und avanciert zum Hauptthema des kurzweiligen Dokumentarfilms WIE 

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“No saltes, vuela”: FIRST POSITION

     |    Monday July 28th, 2014

Los seis protagonistas del documental FIRST POSITION conocen el sacrificio, el rechazo, y el dolor desde muy jóvenes. Todos se preparan para el Youth America Grand Prix, la competición internacional de danza más importante del mundo, que ofrece contratos con compañias, así como becas para las mejores escuelas. Tienen entre 10 y 17 años, y 

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Martin Scorsese’s After Hours: A Tale of Two Cities

     |    Wednesday January 8th, 2014

Martin Scorsese’s highly anticipated (and controversial, see FrankZ’s blog post) The Wolf of Wall Street opens in Germany on January 16.  The latest Scorsese opus, his fifth collaboration with thespian-muse Leonardo DiCaprio, is an over the top satire of corporate raiders in early 1990’s New York, then as now the capital of the financial world. 

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     |    Wednesday May 8th, 2013

We all need ’em: role models, I mean. They come in real handy for young folks who are trying to figure out what to make of their lives — and, more importantly, perhaps, how. The idea is not to copy, but to learn and transform. You may never actually meet one of these people — 

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These Are The Days My Friends

A couple of years ago I spent six months researching and writing a proposal for a book about the downtown New York arts scene, particularly as it existed in the neighborhoods that became known as SoHo and TriBeCa, from 1966-1986. My agent then did his best to try to sell it and was turned down 

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