Drama Queen: Kerstin Cmelka Presents Her Media Art Series “Mikrodramen” at Berlin’s Lichtblick Cinema

     |    Friday November 27th, 2015  |     5

While artist-filmmaker Kerstin Cmelka is prepping her latest opus „Animals“ (featuring her partner in crime, the Berlin-based Renaissance man Mario Mentrup), Cmelka will provide a rare opportunity to see her multimedia series “Mikrodramen“ on Saturday, November 28, 20:15 at the Lichtblick cinema in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg district. “Mikrodramen” is an ongoing collection of live and 

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The Animals – Sneak Peek at New Film by Kerstin Cmelka With Mario Mentrup

     |    Tuesday August 4th, 2015

Austrian-born, Berlin-based artist Kerstin Cmelka creates work that navigates the spaces between improvisation, gesture, performance, reference and reenactment. She is currently pre-producing “The Animals”, a deconstruction of method acting and anthropomorphic depictions of non-human fellow Earthlings that will be hitting white cubes, black boxes and interesting cultural spaces inbetween next year. Collaborators include cinematographer-filmmaker Volker 

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New Music From Pasadena Project

     |    Thursday December 8th, 2011

Mario Mentrup, co-director of I DO ADORE, CITY OF LIGHT and THE EAGLE IS GONE, is a renaissance man of sorts. He acts in film, television and theater and is also a musician. In the 80s and 90s he fronted the Krautrock-noise band Knochen=Girl: In 2004 he founded Pasadena Project, a frequent contributor to Mentrup’s 

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Mario Mentrup and Volker Sattel Direct New Video for Tarwater

     |    Sunday September 11th, 2011

Mario Mentrup and Volker Sattel, co-directors of CITY OF LIGHT, I DO ADORE and THE EAGLE IS GONE, have helmed the music clip for “Do the Oz”, the lead-off single of Berlin-based electronica/post rock duo Tarwater’s latest album, Inside the Ships.