Palestinian Artist Larissa Sansour’s Sci-fi Trilogy

     |    Thursday November 16th, 2017

Reprint from REORIENT, a magazine celebrating contemporary Middle Eastern arts and culture. Unbreakable | By Abdellatif R. Abdeljawad Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour dishes out the final installment of her sci-fi trilogy Born in Jerusalem, Larissa Sansour is an acclaimed Palestinian artist whose works have been exhibited throughout the world. Her interdisciplinary work, ranging from video 

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berlin speaks to us

     |    Wednesday May 11th, 2011

people have a lot to say in berlin – and they sometimes say it with notes and signs on doors, lamp posts – well you name it. joab nist blogs for the site notes of berlin. This site publishes pictures of notes, signs and other forms of communication taken by people who send them in 

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The “Gebetomat”

     |    Sunday February 6th, 2011

The “Prayers’ vending machine” in Berlin  I have just discovered the «Gebetomat» vending machine. The idea for this machine is odd but also interesting! It can recite 300 prayers in 64 different languages and was invented by the artist Oliver Sturm. There are nine such «Gebetomaten» in Germany; most of them are in Berlin and 

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