URBAN GUERILLAS: Regisseur Neco Çelik im Gespräch mit Maxim Biller

     |    Wednesday January 14th, 2015  |     3

2004, zum Kinostart von URBAN GUERILLAS, sprach Regisseur Neco Çelik mit Autor Maxim Biller über den Sprayer als James Dean unserer Zeit, Kreuzberg vs. South Bronx sowie Mehrsprachigkeit und Multikulti (das aktuell als Kampfbegriff von bspw. Viktor Orban benutzt wird) als Realität in Deutschland. Anläßlich der VOD-Premiere von URBAN GUERILLAS und weiterer Filme von Neco Çelik 

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New Films on the Block – Crowdfunding Campaign for Graduate Films

     |    Tuesday September 2nd, 2014

FilmArche in Berlin is Europe’s first student-managed and self-funded film school. Productions by FilmArche students are regularly invited to major festivals, and Eric Esser, director of  soccer zombie short DAWN OF THE DORKS, is an alumnus and organizational committee member. FilmArche’s latest out of the box project is a crowdfunding campaign for six students’ thesis 

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TROUBLE in Paradise?

     |    Thursday March 20th, 2014

Not only has Berlin been a magnet for arty and non-conformist folk from all over the world, the city was also often almost a main character in the artistic works these famous expats created during or in response to their Berlin experience.  British author Christopher Isherwood wrote Goodbye to Berlin (1939) in remembrance of days 

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Berlin Diary: Juggling Life

     |    Monday April 8th, 2013

Some people have all the talent! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a very tall unicycle resting against a lamppost. The thing must have been close to 2 meters high – at any rate much bigger than I am. My astonishment was all the greater when my friend called out ‘look’! There, on 

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Berlin Diary: Graffiti Artist ALIAS

     |    Friday April 5th, 2013

This is a stencil graffiti by Berlin graffiti artist who goes by the name Alias. Alias may be working under an alias, but his work is pretty damn famous. This photo was taken in Kreuzberg just a few days ago. But the piece has been up on that wall for years! Now that’s a sign 

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