Dreamcatcher by Kim Longinotto

     |    Tuesday November 24th, 2015  |     8

A car glides through the light-drenched city streets of Chicago; together with an almost subliminal electronic score the twinkling headlights and street lamps create a woozily hyperreal atmosphere, like the state of heightened awareness between waking and dreaming. This introduction to “Dreamcatcher”, the latest documentary by veteran filmmaker Kim Longinotto, sets the stage for a 

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Berlin Diary: Full Metal Flower

     |    Tuesday December 7th, 2010

Warschauer Brücke shortly after sunrise. My hand darts out of its glove just long enough to press the shutter. I stare at the ice floes on the Spree. This photograph is trying to tell me something. A sunflower cast in iron. Wearing a lock around its neck. In the background, the river, cold and dark, 

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PRIDE OF PLACE – Kim Longinotto’s Debut

     |    Thursday March 18th, 2010

In 1976  Kim Longinotto (then called Kimona Landseer and still a film student) and Dorothea Gazidis directed PRIDE OF PLACE about Longinotto’s boarding school (from which she was expelled) in Buckinghamshire/Britain. Later films such as HOLD ME TIGHT LET ME GO (about a boarding school for “difficult” children and teenagers) are foreshadowed thematically and stylistically 

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Kim Longinotto Speaks with Lou Bolch (Community Channel)

     |    Sunday March 7th, 2010

Journalist Lou Bolch interviews Kim Longinotto, director of DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET, SHINJUKU BOYS, HOLD ME TIGHT LET ME GO, RUNAWAY, DIVORCE IRANIAN STYLE, HIDDEN FACES and SISTERS IN LAW. Watch the interview on Community Channel. Longinotto explains her unique approach to filming difficult subject matter and intimate situations. She reminisces about the strong 

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Kim Longinotto receives 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award

     |    Wednesday January 20th, 2010

Kim Longinotto Named 2010 Outstanding Achievement Award Recipient The Hot Docs Board of Directors is pleased to announce that it has chosen celebrated UK filmmaker Kim Longinotto as the recipient of its Outstanding Achievement Award, which will be presented at the Hot Docs Awards Presentation on Friday, May 7, at the Isabel Bader Theatre. As 

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