Chefs, Cannibalism, Class, Crowdfunding, and Other Conundrums

     |    Wednesday May 22nd, 2013

I mentioned last week that I wasn’t through thinking about some of the topics that arose, and the one that stuck in my head after I sent the post off was that I hadn’t really addressed the issue of chefs and their sudden emergence as symbols of American culture’s newfound appreciation of food. That idea 

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Jaron Lanier on China and Google

     |    Tuesday January 26th, 2010

“The interesting thing is, the Chinese government and Google have very similar goals: they both want total control over communications, and neither offers a viable solution for the future.” says Jaron Lanier, internet pioneer and digital culture critic, in a fascinating interview in the Suedeutschen Zeitung, a German newspaper. Read the entire interview (in German 

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