I Am Gay and Muslim: A Closet With Many Keys

     |    Friday December 13th, 2013

The Arab Spring seemed to be a democratic awakening of freedom, equality and rights in Morocco and in all the other countries that took part in it. Two years later, the increasing power of Islamic groups and the government’s instability have complicated the situation. But, in stark contrast, Dutch filmmaker Chris Belloni released I AM 

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How The Past Matters

     |    Wednesday February 6th, 2013

Man, talk about being right on the sweet spot of the news: 24 hours after last week’s post came out the media was abuzz with stories about the manuscripts of Timbuktu, and now that a little time has passed, it appears that there were some losses, but things aren’t as dire as we’d heard. The 

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Timbuktu: Let It BurnTimbuktu: Let It Burn

     |    Wednesday January 30th, 2013

I never thought that the point I was making last week about the value of physical books would wind up in the headlines, but as French and Malian troops drive the near-psychotic foreign jihadists out of northern Mali, that’s just what has happened. The latest word from Timbuktu (one way to spell it) indicates that 

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Counting Islam In

     |    Monday March 7th, 2011

Count von Count Count Count, the number-lovin’ nobleman from Transylvania by way of Sesame Street, demonstrates a contribution of Arab (and by definition Islamic, as most scholarship took place under the aegis of religion) learning to the Western and entire world: the Arabic numeral system. Actually invented in India around 500 A.D. it was later 

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In A Taxi With Allah

     |    Thursday October 14th, 2010

When an Arab meets a countryman – in my case, a countrywoman – a flood of curiosity is sure to follow. Where are your from? Do you speak Arabic? Why not? Have you ever been to Palestine? And so on… Usually such interludes are of short duration and I can wriggle my way out of 

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