China Blue: The Face of Modern Slavery

     |    Thursday November 28th, 2013

One consequence of globalization is the advent of cheap labor in developing countries. Everyone is aware of that. That millions of workers earn just one dollar a day doesn’t concern anyone if it means that people in the West can be bang up to date in fashion. But, when a big global issue, apparently so 

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Trashing Ping

     |    Wednesday March 13th, 2013

The other night, I had dinner at some friends’, and one of the other guests was a woman named Ping Fu, about whom I knew next to nothing except she’s from China (duh), and has written a book called Bend, Not Break: A Life In Two Worlds, which has had a generous ad budget and a nice 

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In-Edit Deutschland 2011

     |    Friday April 15th, 2011  |     1

By Andrew Horn The In-Edit Festival of music documentaries originated in Barcelona 8 years ago, and in recent years has begun appearing in other Spanish speaking countries, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. This month (April 2011) it had it’s first edition in Berlin, with showings at the Moviemento and the HBC. The program ranged from 

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