Berlin Diary: Full Metal Flower

     |    Tuesday December 7th, 2010

Warschauer Brücke shortly after sunrise. My hand darts out of its glove just long enough to press the shutter. I stare at the ice floes on the Spree. This photograph is trying to tell me something. A sunflower cast in iron. Wearing a lock around its neck. In the background, the river, cold and dark, 

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Berlin Diary: Welcome To The Show

     |    Friday November 26th, 2010

Berlin is full of site specific artworks. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll see it, hear it, feel it. I give props to this artist. I’ve seen her work around – and have recorded some. By the way, snowy, cold, dark – this shot was taken at 8:00 in the morning in Berlin 

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Berlin Diary: The Daily Balancing Act

     |    Thursday October 14th, 2010

  Pedalling through Görlitzer Park something unusual caught my eye at the bridge. I saw a man jogging who jumped up on the railing alongside the inner city channel. He walked a thin railing at a very speedy clip and continued on until some overgrown bushes blocked his path. I dashed off down the hill, 

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