Berlin Diary: Green Is My City

     |    Thursday August 18th, 2011

  Early morning meditation on the color green – designed, citified and plastered on the wall. This particular poster is advertising a dance event. Green and white stripes – eye catching and very hard to miss. But I liked the way the uneven wrinkles look like mountain ridges in miniature, or the stripes for a 

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Berlin Diary: Guerrilla Knitting and the Crochet Queen

     |    Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

Guerrilla Knitting, like Guerrilla Gardening, is a new fad that is catching on quickly. As one blogger put it: Guerrilla Knitting is stealing graffiti artists the show. This bridge improvement project was spotted in Berlin’s Görlitzer Park. It’s not just the color, it’s the texture. The impulse to touch it. And perhaps best of all, 

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Berlin Diary: When the Sun Won’t Shine

     |    Thursday July 21st, 2011

If the sun won’t shine, there’s always a sunflower! Snapped this beauty in the parking lot of our offices. Guerrilla gardening bears fruit! Try it. Just throw some seeds into the ground. Eventually, something will grow. In the sand box behind our building, there were a whole bunch of sunflower seedlings growing straight and 

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Berlin Diary: Laguna Berlin

     |    Friday June 3rd, 2011

Berlin in the summer – the air warmed by the day’s sun and fragrant with the perfume of countless blossoms. And sunsets after 10 pm! Berlin laguna on the Spree at Treptower Park. The bridge in the photo leads to the Insel der Jugend – the Island Of Youth, a small island in the middle 

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Berlin Diary: Found Photo

     |    Thursday May 19th, 2011

Riding home on the bike I spotted what looked to be a shortcut that until then I had never before noticed. It looked like a good way to avoid some road traffic. So off I went into the unknown, down the brick path.  It’s funny, you’ve lived in an area for years and suddenly,  it’s 

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