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Independent. Fair. International. realeyz is a Berlin VOD platform dedicated to international independent filmmaking. We offer over 1,700 titles covering a spectrum of the indie film scene, and a broad range of exciting, innovative and intelligent content beyond standard mainstream fare, for just € 5.50 a month. The realeyz platform presents both debut films from young talents as well as works from established filmmakers. We offer genre films as well as film art and film about film, graffiti and still lifes, Mumblecore and Cinéma vérité, festival winners and festival no-gos, no / low and semi-low budget film. Movies that dare to explore new territory. Movies that have influenced other filmmakers and social issues, and movies that redefine what genres really are. We give a platform to filmmakers who are passionate about their work and whose subjects are close their hearts. Go on a film tour with our partner festivals who focus on special themes or who juxtapose contexts.

As an indie film network, realeyz collaborates with courageous and committed filmmakers, producers and festivals, as well as with a network of national and international partners: productions, world sales, film schools, agencies, broadcasters, labels, groups, associations, film institutes and archives, all of which contribute to ensuring our viewers enjoy a high-quality, exciting and entertaining experience. Our film selection is different. it is curated into genres and playlists and is an expression of a type of film culture in which entertainment and innovation, cutting edge and traditional autuer filmmaking are not contradictions. Rather, it is a selection that highlights individual artistic expression and an of a world that is appreciated and needed more than ever by non-conformist, independently thinking and acting people – both makers and viewers.

We look forward to hearing from you to learn about your interests and any questions you may have! You can reach us by using the contact box below, or by sending an e-mail to, or by simply calling us at + 49-30-9700 4330.

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