How realeyz works

What exactly is the '30-day free trial'?

You can test realeyz, for free, for 14 days. Risk free. All you need is to create a user account and choose a payment method. After completing these steps you gain 30-day free access to all the films on the platform. You can log in and out at any time during this period and watch our entire range of films on your computer, TV, phone or table.

Monthly Payments

You like our offer? Great, you're set! Your access to realeyz will continue automatically from month to month for as long as you want. Your account trigers a monthly subscription that begins on the day you finalized the agreement. After the 30-day free trail, your subscription payments will begin automatically. Of course you can cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day, easily and with no cancellation fees. So go ahead, set up user account and get started!

How will I be billed?

Once you have registered and entered payment details, our payment provider Cleeng will manage your account. Cleeng guarantees privacy and makes sure that your data is in good hands. In 'My account' you can always check the status of your account, and if you have any questions, we and Cleeng you are always at your side.

Annual Subscription

You love watching indie film and to keep on top of things year round? Then, we recommend our annual subscription. Pay once, get the best price, and use realeyz an entire year with no additional account deductions. During the year you can cancel at any time, the year will run out on its own. Of course, there are always new movies and new features coming So if you want to keep abreast of all things realeyz after the first year, do nothing and the annual subscription will continue for another year.

How can I stream realeyz films?

Immediately after setting up your account, you can watch all realeyz movies on any device that has an internet connection. Watch on device that has an installed browser. Our site is responsive, which means that it automatically adapts to any screen size and the films are displayed perfectly. In a later phase we will develop our own apps for certain other devices. You have a suggestion for a certain device? Let us know what you want using the feedback button. We appreciate any suggestions.

What do you mean by Indie Film?

realeyz is not a mainstream site. We are as independent as the films that we show. Film is for us much more than mere 'content marketing'. We are convinced that films are important and that there are great filmmakers in the world who create enchanting, surprising, thoughtful and innovative works. Documentary filmmakers who listen and give others a voice, who give you insight into worlds that you want to know. And filmmakers who tell stories that touch your soul and reverberate. Many of these filmmakers work independently of TV stations, studios, or financers. Their vision is authentic, genuine. These are the films that interest us and we want to show you.

Of course, you also just want to relax on the couch? Indie movies and entertainment are not mutually exclusive!

At realeyz there are thousands of films you can watch immediately, and new ones are added daily. You can pause any number of times while playing a film, and rewind or review. And of course all without advertising. It really is that simple.

Can I stream realeyz in HD?

Yes. Many titles are available in HD. However, the image quality when streaming may vary from computer to computer and device to device. Your location, available bandwidth and the type of internet connection your have are just some of the factors that can affect image quality.

For streaming in HD, for example, a higher bandwidth is required than for streaming in standard resolution.

Where is realeyz available?

The realeyz community is international, and realeyz is available worldwide. Due to licensing agreements, not every movie is available in every country, unfortunately, and some movies appear as suddenly as they disappear. But, the selection of available titles is enough for many years of viewing (but we recommend of course that from time to time you go for a walk!).

What Internet speed is required?

A transmission speed of at least 0.5 megabits per second is required. However, a faster connection is recommended for better picture quality. Broadband connections may vary, affecting available speed and usage. realeyz is geared to this and uses adaptive streaming.

realeyz is a streaming service: you are not downloading a movie, but rather watching the film as it plays back over the Internet. Therefore, you must be connected to the internet during the entire playtime.