Confrontations Competition

A selection of shorts from the 3 programs comprising the Confrontations Competition are running here in the online audience competition.

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1.6 (32.26%) 235 votes

Calm reigns in a wartime trench. A number of hares with guns are waiting for their time. Among them, Ferdinand is playing the harmonica. The whistling signal is given, the attack begins. It is on this no man’s land that he first encounters his enemy…a horrible creature! ‘Poilu’ is French slang for war infantryman. It literally translates as “hairy man” – a person oblivious of himself in relation to the din of battle.

2016 | France | Antoine Laroye, David Lashcari, Guillaume Auberval, Hugo Lagrange, Léa Dozoul, Simon Gomez, Timothé Hek

3.1 (61.05%) 684 votes

April 27, 2016- Aleppo (Syria).Images from the Al Quds hospital’s security camera during the bombing show the last minutes of paediatrician Mohamed Wasim’s life, the chaos of the corridors and the desperation of doctors and patients. Unlike the others, Mohamed does not run away. Mohamed enters an operating room in which only one patient, a 9-year-old boy, and two nurses remain. The child’s life is at stake and Mohamed risks everything to try to save him.

Actor by vocation, producer by script requirements. After being part of the team of El Deseo and Alta Films, Carlo D’Ursi created Potenza Producciones in 2004. Among his productions are: Black Diamonds (Public Award Malaga Festival 2013), The Memory of Water (Venice Festival 2015) and Gelo. Associate producer of La Punta del Iceberg (Malaga Festival 2015). Member of the Spanish Film Academy and AMA. TABIB is his first short film as an author and director.

2017 | Spain | Carlo D´Ursi | Syrian Audio | English Subtitles

1.6 (31.86%) 236 votes

On his way to a foreign military mission, Max (30) is getting caught up in a war-game with his neighbor boys. As Max gradually loses his self control, the boys get involved with his internal warfare and loose their innocence.

Christain van Duuren graduated in 2015 on HKU school of arts in camera and directing. His graduation film “Tussentijd” has won the Wildcard Award of Netherlands Filmfund to encourage young talent to make a new film. His graduation film has toured several international filmfestivals. GAMECHANGER is his first film after graduation.

2016 | Christian van Duuren | Netherlands | English Audio | English Subtitles

1.5 (29.27%) 218 votes

In a remote village of Afghanistan, one day Mary hears on the radio the news of the fall of Kunduz province into the hands of Talibans. Since the authorities have no news of her son, who serves in the Kunduz army, she decides to start her own journey to Kunduz to find him.

Sadam Wahidi was born at 1991 in Kabul. He directed his first experimental film when he was 14 years old. After 2010 he played in two feature films and two TV series and worked as director assistant, project manager and producer. He established an independent film production (Rumi Films Production) in 2014 wrote and directed the short films “You are not American” in 2015, MARY MOTHER in 2016 and “The Luck Bird” in 2017.

2016 | Sadam Wahidi | Afghanistan | Dari | English Subtitles

3.7 (73.57%) 762 votes

Laila enters a police station in Beirut to submit a claim about marital rape but is faced with unexpected queries.

Farah Shaer is a Lebanese director, actress, and activist. Her work in theater and film deals mainly with major issues facing women in the Arab society. Her film Wahabtoka Al Muta’h about a devout Lebanese Shiite Muslim widow, who uses her legal religious right of performing ‘pleasure marriage’ to gather blessings for her late husband, was one of 2 films banned from the Beirut International Film Festval 2015. (The other one, WASP, can be seen on

2017 | Farah Shaer | Lebanon