Green Film Competition

A selection of shorts from the 2 competition programs comprising Green Film Award are running here in the online audience competition.

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4.1 (81.7%) 884 votes

The hunger for meat is growing in our society. Prices, on the other hand, are falling. BERTA shows that there are also small family farms for meat processing, which have nothing in common with factory farming and large slaughterhouses. Julius Dommer is a graduate at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne.

2017 | Julius Dommer | Germany

4 (79.13%) 1406 votes

Sriram Murali, an analyst at Google who’s also an amateur astrophotographer, has created a beautiful short film showing how light pollution hides the night sky.

LOST IN LIGHT features timelapses of the night sky from nine different locations in California and Oregon, each of which has a different light pollution rating. As you can see, the difference is absolutely shocking.

In fact, many of his Murali’s friends and colleagues believed he had created the starry sky in post production. Some of the time lapses took Murali up to three weeks to film, as well as countless hours driving to the specific locations, but the result was definitely worth it.

“The night skies remind us of our place in the Universe. Imagine if we lived under skies full of stars. That reminder we are a tiny part of this cosmos, the awe and a special connection with this remarkable world would make us much better beings – more thoughtful, inquisitive, empathetic, kind and caring.” (Sriram Murali aus HUH Magazine UK)

2016 | Sriram Murali | USA

3.1 (62.52%) 143 votes

Pandas are cute: they eat bamboo, they are gentle and jaunty, they are the official symbol of WWF, children and adults equally love them, and they look good on camera. The problem is, there are only 1,600 of them, and they don’t know what to do to prevent the disappearance of their species…

2016 | Belgium / France | Juan Rodriguez, Thierry Garance | French Audio | English subtitles

3.8 (76.5%) 303 votes

In a future utopia, science continues the quest for eternal youth, but in doing so unleashes a toxin into the world with devastating consequences: accelerated aging. During a mass evacuation with airships, lovers Dante and Irea are separated, with Irea taking drastic and disastrous measures to find him. A film with outstanding technological innovations that creates a feeling of silent and animated films altogether.

2017 | Boris Sverlow | Belgium & Netherland

3.3 (65.69%) 144 votes

EVERYTHING by the artist, film and game maker David O’ Reilly is the film excerpt from the game of the same name, about which the ‘Spiegel’ writes:”EVERYTHING is a masterpiece and at the same time the craziest game of spring: from stone to rhinoceros, the player can be everything in it. ‘As a human being, you don’t always learn to take yourself so seriously.'”

And WIRED adds:”The dimensions that EVERYTHING takes on as well as the smooth gliding from the microcosm to the macrocosm and beyond, are mesmorizing. The game opens up unknown perspectives and in many moments reveals an almost enchanting beauty.”

2017 | David O´Reilly | Ireland / USA | English Audio | English Subtitles