Frank Haze   |    Friday March 16th, 2018

A love story off the hook. Schreiben Und Schenken 30 Tage Gratis realeyz für eine Review Schreibe eine Review HARD & UGLY follows a young man, who at first timidly, later stubbornly fights his sadness. He stumbles through the film as if through a house of mirrors. He is dismissed at short notice and for 

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     |    Tuesday February 27th, 2018

An old Cuban proverb says, “love comes in through the kitchen door.” Film critic Andrew Horn recognizes this warm-hearted openness in Asori Soto’s “Cuban Food Stories”. There used to be a Cuban restaurant near where I live that was operated by a small collective where no one person was the dedicated cook. Whoever happened to 

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Berlinale Blog 2018 #8: SANTO VS EVIL BRAIN – Forum

     |    Sunday February 25th, 2018

A coffin with negatives, the last 20 dollars as a tip, the shooting ending in revolution? Our critic Andrew Horn today follows the intricate paths – or odyssey – of SANTO, Mexico’s early superhero, who was actually a real person. Hard to believe? Read it yourself: “When I was a kid, my father went to 

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