Oliver Armknecht / film-rezensionen.de   |    Friday April 13th, 2018

Blogger-Reviews: DIE FRAU HINTER DER WAND, TREPPE AUFWÄRTS, WEATHER HOUSE Zwischenstopp: Seit dem 11. und noch bis zum 18.April 2018 läuft das ACHTUNG BERLIN Filmfestival: Wer es etwa heute oder Sonntagabend nicht mehr ins Kino schafft, um WEATHER HOUSE zu sehen, kann den Film ab Montag im ACHTUNG BERLIN-Playlist auf realeyz.de schauen! Anlässlich der Vorab-Review 

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   Frank Haze   |    Friday March 16th, 2018

A love story off the hook. Schreiben Und Schenken 30 Tage Gratis realeyz für eine Review Schreibe eine Review HARD & UGLY follows a young man, who at first timidly, later stubbornly fights his sadness. He stumbles through the film as if through a house of mirrors. He is dismissed at short notice and for 

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   Tim König   |    Friday February 2nd, 2018

First impression Schreiben Und Schenken 30 Tage Gratis realeyz für eine Review Schreibe eine Review HARD & UGLY is a bizarre film. The actors speak like in educational short films of the local church federation. Everybody who has ever seen a Fox Searchlight production knows the love story. And Berlin is as sexy and rancid 

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     |    Sunday December 10th, 2017

INTERFILM 2017 // SPECIAL PROGRAMS In a new series of films from Interfilm about the unknown corners of Europe, the first part of the program was devoted to SÁMI short films. Sápmi, the cultural area of the Sámi, stretches from the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland to the majority of the Kola peninsula in 

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Fruits & Vegetables – and other BERLIN BEATS

     |    Wednesday November 29th, 2017

INTERFILM 2017 // SPECIAL PROGRAMS Last week the 33rd International Short Film Festival INTERFILM took place in Berlin. From Tuesday to Sunday evening, viewers were able to watch a variety of short films of all kinds in the cinemas. There was everything from feature films, virtual reality and documentaries to music videos. Apart from all 

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