Winner of the German Cartoonist Award: “Schöne Aussichten”

     |    Monday October 11th, 2010

The 2010 German Cartoon Prize for New Talent has been awarded to three artists: Katharina Greve in Berlin, Bernd Püribauer in Vienna and Uwe Krumbiegel in Hetzdorf.

(Cartoon by Uwe Krumbiegel)

1st Place Award: Katharina Greve, Berlin

Katharina Greve was born in Hamburg in 1972 and studied architecture at the Technical University in Berlin. Today she lives and works in Berlin as a cartoonist, author, situation designer and ex-architect. Learn more about Katharina Greve at

2nd Place Award: Bernd Püribauer, Vienna

Bernd Püribauer lives and works as a freelance artist near Vienna. He has been an illustrator for the Vienna city magazine “Falter” with his computer mouse “Animal of the Week” for 13 years. He also works in music, film and performance. More about Bernd Püribauer at

3rd Place Award: Uwe Krumbiegel, Hetzdorf

Uwe Krumbiegel is 47 years old and describes himself as a late bloomer. He began drawing cartoons only a few years ago. He publishes his work in the satire magazine “Eulenspiegel” and in the “Schweriner Volkszeitung” newspaper. More about Uwe Krumbiegel at