Villemolle 81: this movie is a lot of fun!

     |    Wednesday November 3rd, 2010


In France, the independent publishing house specialized in cartoons «Les Requins Marteaux» now publishes «Villemolle 81». This movie was directed by Winschluss, a cartoonist already famous in Germany for the Pinocchio album (translated and sold by the Avant publishing house). His real name is Vincent Paronnaud. Under this name, he is known as the director of the movie «Persepolis».

The filmmakers  want to make us laugh as much as possible!  Like a parody of a local news channel report, this movie presents a happy village from the French countryside, its inhabitants, its local police, its seasonal attractions, and above all, it presents the mayor of the village whose ambitious projects for the future make the villagers feel very proud and happy… But all of a sudden, a meteorite falls from the sky and zombies disturb the idyllic atmosphere of this small town… Is this the end of Villemolle? I won’t tell you more. After watching the movie, you will feel enthusiastic about the action scenes as well as the jokes, and you will want to buy the t-shirt that goes with it.  And you will also want, oh joy, anything else that the production could think of: postcards, posters, cans of food specialties, mugs with pictures of Villemolle… The list of items is endless and the Villemolle adventure looks like real team work! For example, the mayor of the village, Frank Ballon (alias Frederic Felder) has worked on parts of the bonus and making off material.