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     |    Wednesday February 21st, 2018

Any kind of products, but also abstract objects such as places or services are reviewed. The Amazon Fire TV stick, for example, has almost 150,000 reviews in English. And we find that fascinating.

Film criticism has a long tradition in which such passionate authors as Béla Balász, Siegfried Kracauer or Susan Sontag have often not turned to the elites. On the contrary, the reports and essays by critical moviegoers such as Robert Musil and Irmgard Keun were not even aimed at the bourgeois public. In our opinion, the departure of film criticism from newspapers in freely available online media is therefore already in the nature of film as a medium for all and of criticism as a culture with mass appeal.

This is why we have introduced a couponing system that rewards user reviews: For every published review, you will receive free access to our entire film offer for one month through a single useable coupon (which can also be passed on).

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