The Future of the Music Clip Lies in… Playmobil

     |    Friday December 16th, 2011

SoftwareDR (Dirk Roth) has created an amazing shot by shot recreation of Joy Division’s career-making live rendition of “Transmission” on Tony Wilson’s show “Something Else” on Granada TV. Wilson was a British TV journalist who later founded the Manchester-based Factory Records, the label Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and many other seminal post punk and indie dance bands were signed to. Wilson’s the one in the black suit and blond longish pudding bowl haircut (guess all Playmo’ stars have to sport variations of that look).

Playmobil Stop Motion – Joy Division -… von ligomilitos

For comparison, here’s the original TV appearance (sans Wilson’s introduction) plus band interview and additional song “She’s Lost Control”.