Tambogrande: Remembering Godofredo García Baca

     |    Thursday March 31st, 2011


Anyone who has watched the realeyz.tv film Tambogrande will remember Godofredo García Baca. He was the 65 year old mango and lemon grower who acted as a voice for the residentsin a small town in northern Peru. He articulated the demands of the people, analyzed the situations they were facing and implemented strategies to further the rights of his fellow citizens. He was an eloquent and powerful speaker, a role model of enormous physical presence who could not be intimidated.

On this day March 31 in the year 2001, Godofredo García Bacas was killed.The truth behind his murder has not been adequately explained to this day.  But that hasn’t stopped the resistance against the Canadian mining company Manhattan and the Peruvian state institutions that are party to the problems. That the resistance goes on is in part due to the man himself, the way he thought and the knowledge he was able to extend to others, so they could successfully continue Tambogrande’s fight for justice.

Godofredo García Baca – ¡Presente!


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