Street Art in Motion

     |    Monday March 21st, 2011

Street art is no two dimensional matter. Even if the works have been sprayed, drawn, scribbled, painted, taped or glued onto a flat surface, they are conceived as part of three dimensional urban space. Maybe that explains the proliferation of short films in which street art is not just documented but in which the moving image adds another layer to or is even an integral part of the works. Street art staged specifically for the camera.

Thanks to Interfilm for their program “Shorts Attack – Reclaim the Streets”. Half of the films mentioned in this post are part of this collection.

Artist: Blu

Elusive Italian street artist Blu created this piece on an abadoned hangar in Gdansk harbor. The city of Gdansk (Danzig) has a turbulent history – ruled by various Polish kingdoms, Prussia, Imperial Germany, two interludes as a free state (1807 to 1814 and 1918 to 1939), occupation and annexation by Nazi Germany and since 1945, again Poland (in its socialist and capitalist incarnations). Gdansk also saw the origins of the free labor movement that would become Solidarnosc. Blu’s piece reflects this historical legacy in his use of symbols and time lapse photography.










Dir: Marek Berger

Czech animator-director Berger’s surreal animated short explores the true power unleashed by graffiti writers.










Dir: Doris Freigofas

A street art figure come to life wreaks havoc on Berlin.










Berlin spricht
Dir: Markus Muthig, music: Emus Primus

Ok, it’s a slideshow set to music, but the slides are of some of the funniest and most provocative street art in Berlin. The promotional copy’s “diashow with flow” does the clip justice. And the framing narrative of how the photos got into the camera and then the computer is well done.










Dir: Sam Taylor-Wood, Music: REM