Stéréovisio: read it, listen to it and propagate it!

     |    Saturday January 15th, 2011

“Stéréovisio” is the beautiful result of a long term partnership between rockers and underground cartoonists. More than a simple compilation, this «vinyl book» originates from the South-Western part of France.

The bands Strong Haïku, JFG and the Regulars, Kiss Kiss Karate Passion, Izzy Crash, David et Jonathan, Hoodlum and Magnetixsing psychedelic rock without any complex allied with some «zouk garage» and a touch of possessed trash metal. This 16 page booklet in LP format has been illustrated by the musicians themselves or people who have been on the road with them. One of them is Camille Lavaud who thanks to her lyric fresco and her eyes of detective, describes the sidewalk scenes of people coming out of a concert. There is also the illustrator Victor Marco who has been designing billboards for bands for 10 years and many more other artists. Using the imagery of super heroes, science fiction, horror movies, cartoons and folk pop in a realistic style, he creates for each event a new universe, either animated or symbolic, and tells us a small story… that scares us!!!

Two mobile exhibitions including one of original billboardsand a set of musicians to be seen in concert halls or under the form of acoustic show cases are also part of the Stéréovisio editorial project. They will soon be touring France and Belgium and only ask to come to Berlin. We will help them do that!

Please click here for more information or buy the booklet online: Whip’it Production/Stéréovisio