|    Thursday October 24th, 2013

They sleep only a few hours every night, they invest tons of money in spray paint cans and live with the fear of getting caught by the police. They do it all while expecting nothing in return. But, they say they feel free and more alive than ever. This is how train sprayers in Berlin live. Many outsiders consider them crazy, unscrupulous, or criminal. But the sincere passion and intensity with which they live their lives is admirable.

UNLIKE U portrays four generations of graffiti artists in Berlin who specialize in trams and underground trains. This documentary was filmed over the course of seven years and tells the fascinating story of a culture and life style that until now has remained undercover. Enrik Regel and Björn Birg follow the artists through countless nights, running from train to train, sneaking into train stations and escaping from the police. Exciting footage combined with in-depth interviews convey the fulfillment of living on the run. All of the sprayers have one thing in common: their unconditional love of graffiti. Even if they can only paint at night and in secret, this is what gives true meaning to their lives. The film caused such a great stir that Berlin’s public transportation company BVG took legal action against the filmmakers and the movie was taken out of circulation for a full year.

UNLIKE U is not only an urban art film, but a true manifesto of people who cannot comprehend a life without adrenaline and emotion.

 Clara Rodríguez A.