Pasadena Projekt – The Soundtrack to Mentrup’s & Sattel’s Films

     |    Friday April 1st, 2011

Pasadena Projekt is not just Mario Mentrup moonlighting musically. The noise folk – for lack of a better term – trio (the other members are theater sound designer and musician Nikolaus Woernle, and, not pictured, musician-artist-performer Ole Wulfers) contributed to the soundtracks to Mentrup’s films he co-directed with Volker Sattel ( STADT DES LICHTS-CITY OF LIGHT, DER ADLER IST FORT – THE EAGLE IS GONE and ICH BEGEHRE – I DO ADORE, all on and is an integral part of the new multimedia art project Shaven Gods.

The core of Pasadena Projekt has worked together with renowned Berlin musicians such as Angie Reed, Brezel Göring, Soffy O and Gina Dorio since the band’s founding in 2005. The origin of the name Pasadena Projekt is revealed in this interview.

Here is a video of Pasadena Projekt performing “1966″ in 2009 (maybe I’m hallucinating, but ‘66 sounds like Dream Syndicate and early Velvet Underground come to mind, channeled through the 80s/90s noise and postrock.)<

And here’s a late 2010 performance of a song from Shaven Gods, “Holiday Camp”.

Holiday Camp from Das Pasadena Projekt on Vimeo.

Holiday Camp from Das Pasadena Projekt on Vimeo.

More Pasadena Projekt on Vimeo (including the legendary “Alexa Berlin”, an ode of sorts to the megamall near Alexanderplatz.

Pasadena Projekt on MySpace