Trashing Ping

    |    Wednesday March 13th, 2013

The other night, I had dinner at some friends’, and one of the other guests was a woman named Ping Fu, about whom I knew next to nothing except she’s from China (duh), and has written a book called Bend, Not Break: A Life In Two Worlds, which has had a generous ad budget and a nice 

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Trompe-l’œil am Görli: Dies ist kein Kiosk

    |    Tuesday March 12th, 2013

Optical illusion at Görli! This is not a newsstand. It is a picture of a picture of newsstand.  The whole thing is a fake, although the shelf below the sales window looks like you could go right up to it and and pick up a paper. This large photo billboard is a picture of the 

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Try AgainTry AgainTry AgainTry Again

    |    Wednesday March 6th, 2013

Not really, but due to some glitch in the WordPress system, half of the Ward Report I did this morning has vanished into the aether and cannot be retrieved despite hard work by our experts.   Next week, from SXSWi 2013, then. Unless it happens again.

My Own Private Berlinale pt 4

    |    Saturday March 2nd, 2013

by Andrew Horn I remember many years ago reading a story by the science fiction writer Brian W. Aldiss called  “Aimez-Vous Holman Hunt?”. It imagined a computer program that could take a famous painting – in this case one by the above mentioned painter, though I don’t remember the title – and extrapolate a narrative 

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Der Kronkorken-König: Mathias Waller Mosaik in Görlitzer Park

    |    Thursday February 28th, 2013

Mosaic by Mathias Waller in Görlitzer Park Berlin Mathias Waller has created a new mosaic in Kreuzberg’s Görlitzer Park near our offices in Berlin. Appropriately embedded in the side of the Turkish Fountain ruins, the piece is quite large, like Waller’s other bottle cap mosaics. In summer, he had some temporary urban art pieces embedded 

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