Nymphomaniac and The Boss of it allLars van Trier: Nymphomaniac and The Boss Of It All

     |    Tuesday December 10th, 2013

film still from lars van trier's Nymphomanica with Charlotte GainsbourgLars von Trier in not only an outstanding film director, he is also second to none when it comes to drumming up curiosity about his films.

Months before the theatrical release of his new work Nymphomaniac, media interest is extremely high and expectations are stoked. The cast alone is spectacular and worthy of attention: Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, William Defoe, Stellan Skarsgard and last but not least, Uma Thurman star in what will certainly be Nymphomaniac‘s unusual and exciting story. Some of what has has trickled out to the public is reminiscent of Lars von Trier‘s controversial showpiece “Antichrist” from 2010. As in that film, he also draws the audience into a shadowy realm of sexuality, violence and obsession in “Nymphomaniac”. The Tagesspiegel, a German daily, reports that Lars von Trier and his production company Zentropa have started media campaigns for the film similar to campaigns for his earlier works that doles out scattered bits of information while keeping the big picture under wraps. The campaign starts with racy photos. Next, they release scandalous trailers where flesh is revealed but the story concealed, and finally the campaign peaks with von Trier himself flaunting his own persona to the point of exhibitionism. Measures that guarantee cult status for Nymphomaniac before it even opens. Actually, the version that comes out in theaters on February 20, 2014 will be a nightmare for all cinema operators. Why? Because, Lars von Trier didn’t want to cut his five and half hour epic and he is releasing it to theaters in two parts. But the brilliant director is expected to keep the audience at the edge of their seats in part one, keeping them waiting with bated breath for part two. The German start date is set very close to the important Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), which of course leaves room for speculation. Will Lars von Trier debut “Nymphomaniac” at the Berlin Film Festival?

The Boss of it All

The Boss of it All

Some of the most important film by this Danish director can be found on realeyz.tv, such as Epidemic, Idiots, Dogville, or Manderlay. Another work that deserves special recommendation is The Boss of it All. It’s a cinematic gem that proves that Lars von Trier is also blessed with devilish humor.

Frank Zilm

(Translated into English by Constance Hanna with Natalie Gravenor)