Not my Life

     |    Sunday October 30th, 2011

Last week, the feature-length documentary « Not my Life » of Robert Bilheimer was showed on CNN. It was presented in two parts. I could only watch part 2. This is a documentary about slavery of children in the world that I have found very interesting. Part 2 deals with the subject of children soldiers and child prostitution. I have learnt things that I was not aware of. I knew for example about the existence of children soldiers, but I didn’t know about the extent of cruelty that is being done to them. Before being forced to go to war, their traffickers want to take any human sensibility/trait from them and they are sometimes being forced to kill their own parents; something that is really beyond my imagination. Another thing that I have learnt is about sex slavery of children in Cambodia. Of course, I also know about the existence of child prostitution but didn’t know that some children as young as 4 years old are being used as sex slaves. That also again is beyond my imagination and also that Western tourists, especially America ones, go to Cambodia and sometimes « rent » children for a whole month in order to abuse them the whole time in their hotel room. The authorities there obviously don’t seem to do much against these practices as this kind of tourism probably brings much money into the country.




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