“mondkalb” magazine

     |    Tuesday October 20th, 2009

mondkalb: A Journal for Organized Affliction


mondkalb isn’t really a magazine for people with disabilities. Although the majority of its editors and authors are disabled, most of its readers aren’t.  The concept for the magazine came about in late 2006 during a Youth for Nature seminar on disability. The idea was to produce a free magazine that would be distributed for free to cafés and bars, libraries and adult education centers, clubs, social and political project groups, in areas for the disabled in public buildings, and so on. One important stipulation was that the articles wouldn’t be targeted at insiders only – in other words, only to readers with disabilities or their families. The aim was to catch the interest of regular club goers, who should fish it out of the magazine racks and have something enjoyable to read while sitting with their beer.  The point was to highlight the entertainment value of disability – not only with sarcastic and bristly articles, which  “mondkalb” of course offers, but also  with some more serious and generally informative pieces. Disability is presented here in a cultural and political context and not as a marginalized interest group.

[Editorial note: every rental of  ROLLING on realeyz.tv supports “mondkalb”: the director donates all proceeds earned through realeyz.tv to the dedicated folks at the mondkalb media project .]