Markus Kienzl: New Album

     |    Wednesday January 13th, 2010

MARKUS KIENZL has published his second full length album DENSITY. KIENZL ist founding member and key figure of the Vienna-based electronic-dub-collective SOFA SURFERS, the Musicians who composed the music for LIFE IN LOOPS.

DENSITY is something like an aggregation of previous Kienzls, but also a forceful evolution of a characteristic language of sound and style, which melts diverse styles into a homogenic entity. Electronics, dub, rock, hiphop and soul gets all melted together into Kienzl special blend of urban paranoia and liberating coups on the edge of the city. Together with CUTTY RANKS, ODDATEE, DJ COLLAGE, JACK HIRSCHMANN, TANIA SAEDIE and DOLLI MELAINE, Kienzl paints a picture of a sounding and shining dark monolith, pulsating with enigmatic forces in a chimerical urban soundscape.