“Make soup from the ice, and bread from stones…

     |    Sunday April 24th, 2011


… in Chorolque. That’s the location of the film Daughter of Chorolque, which the FDCL sponsors with a film partnership on realeyz.tv. The film tells the story – in fascinating and at times breathtaking images – of the difficult lives of the women who earn their living for themselves and their children in the mines at Cerro Chorolque (here a picture at Wikimapia). The Cerro Chorolque is at 5,600 meters in the mountains of south Bolivia.

“It is one of the highest mining camps in the world. Nearly 5,000 people live in and around the mine. The women and men work and live with their families in three camps at 4,850 meters above sea level: Santa Bárbara, Sagrario und Fierro Unu. That high up, nothing grows, but here is ore that is rich in minerals. For more: Fuego en el Hielo, Mujeres Mineras de Chorolque, Peter Lowe, Dirección de Medio Ambiente de la COMIBOL. , 2005. 150p., La Paz.