Lutz Dammbeck Exhibition at the German Bundestag

     |    Friday April 16th, 2010

Lutz Dammbeck, the director of’s THE NET is showing work in an exhibition at the German Bundestag (Reichstagsgebäude) called “Atlasmacher” (Atlas Maker). The show will be opened on April 19, 2010 by the presiding vice-officer of the German Bundestag, Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Thierse.
Atlases are dictionaries of visual science and those who make them look for patterns in the diversity of phenomena that surrounds us. Atlas makers seek the norms behind the profusion. Artist Lutz Dammbeck employs the same techniques. Since the 1980’s Dammbeck has been working on the multi-media art work he calls the HERAKLES KONZEPT (Hercules Concept). Dammbeck collects photographs, newspaper clippings, and every possible kind of material and forms them into a conglomeration refered to as the “Archäologie der Erinnerung” (archeology of memory). Dammbeck sees himself as an assemblyman on a quest to illuminate the “Hercules Blank”.

This research into historical as well as current Hercules constructs is guided by the principle of montage.  For this, Dammbeck employs not only a mix of materials but also the full variety of available myths, concepts, and ideologies. He searches for the central correlations within the theoretical and the physical. In the film “THE NET” (2003) and in installations such as “PARANOIA” (2006) and “Re_Re-Education” (2007) he has dealt with cybernetics, the social sciences, psychology and new technology, and the role these disciplines play in modern life. In this installation, which he designed especially for the Bundestag Art Hall, Dammbeck expands and complements this research with new thematic topics. He focuses here on inquiries into the importance of science and technology in relation to new forms of society and community. Within this context, he looks specifically at the so-called “re-education” efforts in western Germany after 1945.

This exhibition presents not an end result but rather a snapshot into his on-going research process. The exhibition was made in cooperation with the Zoological Collection of the Martin Luther University Halle in Wittenberg.

Lutz Dammbeck was born in 1948. He is a professor at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden. The installation “Herakles-Notizen” is part of the “Kunst am Bau” program at the Reichstags building in Berlin.

Presiding Bundestag Vice President Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Thierse opens the exhibion on April 19, 2010 at 6 pm.