Lucian Busse – Visual Memory and Identity of Berlin Music Scenes

     |    Friday January 9th, 2015


Lucian Busse, who documented the vibrant Chinese punk rock scene as cinematographer (BEIJING BUBBLES) and director (THE JOYSIDE OF EUROPE), is also involved in the visualization of alternative music in his hometown of Berlin. Busse’s documentary BERLINIZED  is a personal remembrance of a underground music, club and art scene based in Mitte which emerged in the Temporary Autonomous Zones after the Fall of the Berlin Wall. A large part of the film consists of previously unreleased footage that Busse, who was active in the scene, himself shot in the 90s.

BERLINIZED is now available on as well as a special edition DVD with copious bonus material.

Check out these three videos Busse created for local bands Lucyhoneychurch, who is featured in BERLINIZED, and Die Türen.

Lucyhoneychurch – Lost Beyond Recall (Remix by Oliver Peter)

Die Türen – Leben oder Streben

Bonus points if you recognize the classic music video this clip is parodying or paying homage to. The first one to send the answer to wins a free monthly subscription.

Die Türen – Rentner und Studenten

Prenzlauer Berg set protest mockumentary, or is it an artistic intervention?