Hollister Store at Boulevard Berlin

     |    Sunday May 27th, 2012

Last Friday, I entered a Hollister store for the first time at the new Boulevard Berlin mall. I don’t think that this store is anything for me. It feels more like a club than a clothing store in my opinion, but I guess that teenagers will like it. However, I was very impressed with their shop window which I found amazing. Like you can see on the picture, a live video of Huntington Beach, California is being projected on there. I really love this idea, as it makes one feel like being in California. One can see swimmers and surfers as well as huge waves appear on the screen, occasionally. I find that it is fascinating to have the possibility to experience this far away beach live right in the middle of Berlin. It would be even cooler if the swimmers in California could see the shoppers in Berlin. This would be a real interactive experience. I think that more public places should show live cams of places around the world as it makes one virtually travel!


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