|    Monday January 29th, 2018

Welcome to Chapter 2 of the 15-part online course “Innovative Film Making” of HFBK Hamburg within the framework of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). “Innovative Film Making” (IFM) is a project of the Experimental Film Division at HFBK Hamburg under the guidance of director Prof. Robert Bramkamp.

This chapter describes a case study. The interactive production “Sendersuchlauf” by Susanne Weirich and Robert Bramkamp, created as part of the Light Festival Leipzig on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Peaceful Revolution, was integrated into the plot of Art Girls. The character Nikita Neufeld operates within the real media art happening without this having been previously defined in the script. This blurs the boundaries between fiction and documentation. Here the link to the IFM course.