|    Monday January 29th, 2018

Welcome to Chapter 1 of the 15-part online course “Innovative Film Making” of HFBK Hamburg within the framework of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). “Innovative Film Making” (IFM) is a project of the Experimental Film Division at HFBK Hamburg under the guidance of director Prof. Robert Bramkamp.

In this chapter we deal with the narrative function of a film. What is the interplay of different instances such as author, narrator in the film and actor? Are there one or more narrative perspectives? How do cinematic elements such as dialogue, music or montage support the narrative function? What is the narrative space in which the narration unfolds? And what possibilities are there to break open traditional patterns and playfully find new ways? Videolecture offers concrete suggestions. The supplementary material provides a brief introduction to narrative theory – from classical drama construction to radical form experiments of modernity, the negation of the narrative of postmodernity, and how the Internet at least theoretically enables the collectivity and bi-directionality of prehistoric times to be restored.
Here is the link to the IFM course