|    Monday January 29th, 2018

Welcome to Chapter 4 of the 15-part online course “Innovative Film Making” of HFBK Hamburg within the framework of the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). “Innovative Film Making” (IFM) is a project of the Experimental Film Division at HFBK Hamburg under the guidance of director Prof. Robert Bramkamp.

In this chapter, Professor Bramkamp shows how he developed two working methods that deviate from the conventional production process. On the one hand the reading of the complete book by actors and team members in order to find the appropriate implementation form, on the other hand the cutting of the material after each location (not at the end of the shooting) in order to let the experiences and insights gained flow into the next shooting phase. This chapter is also a stimulus for your own work and reflection. Here the link to the IFM course.