Fruits & Vegetables – and other BERLIN BEATS

     |    Wednesday November 29th, 2017


Last week the 33rd International Short Film Festival INTERFILM took place in Berlin. From Tuesday to Sunday evening, viewers were able to watch a variety of short films of all kinds in the cinemas. There was everything from feature films, virtual reality and documentaries to music videos. Apart from all the international films, INTERFILM was also focusing this year on the former Yugoslavia and the USA.


What makes Berlin different? What can you discover in the city? And what stories are hidden here? In a selection of short films from and about Berlin, the city is viewed from new perspectives. History-political context, perception of noise, interculturality – the stories of the city couldn’t be told in a more diverse way: art meets prefabricated concrete slab buildings, animation meets memories.

In The Neverending Wall (Spain, 2017) the art of the Eastside Gallery comes to life. The film not only reflects the East/West conflict but also illustrates the current border problems. The sounds of the underground train ride remind the protagonist in Zug nach Peace (Germany, 2016) of his past in Baghdad.
‘Young and wild and free’ is what young people feel like in Jung (Germany, 2017). Unreflected and naive, they enjoy growing up in the urban jungle right up to escalation. In Compartments (Germany, Israel – 2017) the protagonist tries to forget the stories about her past and to live her new life comfortably. #KlangBerlins (Germany, 2017) presents Berlin as an artistic sound event. The Konzerthaus Orchester stages the Sound of Berlin.

Fruits & Vegetables is the name of the small Vietnamese vegetable shop owned by the director’s parents in Prenzlauer Berg. When he himself was completely surprised during a home holiday that his parents had hired an Urban Berliner in the shop, it inspired him to make this film. In Fruit & Vegetables (Germany, 2017), two people meet each other who cannot be more different. Despite initial problems and interim conflicts, a unique relationship develops.

All these films reflect adventures and extraordinary experiences. And these stories make the city so authentic.