Blind LovesBlind LovesBlind LovesEl amor menos ciego

     |    Thursday January 23rd, 2014

This couple cannot fall in love ‘at first sight’, and they cannot look into each others eyes, but the love they feel is certainly not blind. Director Juraj Lehotsky presents BLIND LOVES, a film that their main characters will never be able to watch, but which nonetheless brings us closer to a world that few sighted people will ever encounter.

On the festival roster in 2008, this was the first Slovak film to be screened at Cannes in 37 years.. BLIND LOVES is a mix of documentary and fiction that portrays four blind people and their experiments of (or experience of) love. Peter is a music teacher who lives with his wife, who is also blind. Miro, who looks like an artist from the 1970´s, is trying to win the heart of Momi, partially sighted, although her parents do not approve of their relationship. Elena is pregnant, and thinks about how she will never be able to see her baby. And, finally, we meet Zuzana, a teenage girl who hopes to find love through the Internet.

“In telling the stories of these individuals, I strive to find the values and the beauty in their lives. (…) I am interested in revealing the sources of values in their lives, how they achieve fulfillment, where they find joy, how they go about finding new, and interesting things in life. Surely, there are things in their lives, which are as emotionally powerful that they can be fully comprehended only by the soul of another blind person. The rest of us are only onlookers trying to get to peak in and get to know more about the lives of these unique individuals” ( Juraj Lehotsky)

BLIND LOVES tells unique stories in a unique way; its aesthetic approach is a real declaration of principles; a total rejection of conventionalism. The photography reveals the independent cinematographic character of the film from the very first shot; it is pure and essential, as are its heroes.

Clara Rodríguez Arasanz