GOAL! Crowdfunding Campaign for New Film by CHINA BLUE Director Peled

     |    Sunday May 25th, 2014

Peled new Film GOAL
Micha X. Peled, director of “The Globalization Trilogy” which traces in reverse the journey of clothing like jeans from big box retailers like Wal-Mart (STORE WARS) via exploitative labor conditions in a Chinese jeans factory (CHINA BLUE) to the Monsanto-drenched cotton fields in India (“Bitter Seeds”), is currently crowdfunding his latest documentary. It’s called “Goal! The Incredible Journey” and it follows five female soccer players without regular abode who represented the United States at the 2013 Homeless World Cup. The film promises to be both an exciting sports doc and an examination of new forward-thinking approaches to deal with the issues of homelessness.

Learn more in Micha Peled’s video message:

You can support Peled’s campaign (running until June 6, 2014) here:

Natalie Gravenor