Ecuadorians sue Canadian mining company Copper Mesa

     |    Tuesday March 23rd, 2010


Copper Mesa is the same company whose plans to mine copper from beneath the ‘cloud forests’ in Junin meant that the indigenous peoples there faced devastation and relocation. The film WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR documents the struggle of the Intag region native inhabitants to protect their land and way of life.  This week, Copper Mesa is facing a court hearing.

Source: Rights Action

Mark your calendars: March 25, 2010 is a good day to go to a public hearing in court.  Ecuadorians are suing the Canadian Mining Company and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Toronto lawyers are bringing a civil suit against the Toronto Stock Exchange and directors of the Copper Mesa mining company, promising to put a dint in the wall of Canadian impunity for Canadian mining companies.

A recent, award winning documentary film by Malcolm Rugge Under Rich Earth tells the story of farmers in a remote valley in Ecuador who unite to stop the Canadian mining company, Copper Mesa, from exploring on their land. Three of the main subjects in Under Rich Earth are suing the mining company, the Toronto Stock Exchange and two of the company directors in the Ontario Superior Court.

The three plaintiffs, Marcia Rami­rez, Polivio Pérez and Israel Pérez will be in Toronto on March 25th for an important court hearing. The hearing is open to the public. This could be a great opportunity to show your support for global victims of the Canadian mining industry. Click here for more information about the lawsuit.

Further information:

– Here is the statement of claim filed against Copper Mesa.

– Read an older article (November 22, 2009, The Toronto Star ) offering background information here.

Stay tuned for an update from the legal representation side.