Crime near Görlitzer Park

     |    Sunday May 8th, 2011
                                                                        Photo of Pilar Valadié: Berliner Polizei

Pilar Valadié
Today, I would like to talk about a subject that has shocked me very much during the past few days. Waiting at a dr’s office two and a half weeks ago, I read a report in a newspaper according to which the body of an unknown woman had been found wrapped inside a plastic bag floating on the waters of the Landwehrkanal, right at the end of Görlitzer Park in Berlin-Kreuzberg. I was shocked to read this as I live next to this park.

The identity of the woman was unknown at the time of the article. A couple days later, I went to the Kaiser’s supermarket next to my house and there was a picture of the unknown woman’s face on the door left there by the police, so that people could maybe identify her. I tried not to look at the picture as I am very impressionable by such pictures but couldn’t help it. The woman’s face was unknown to me but I wondered why no one would be searching for a missing person if she came from Berlin. I supposed that she must have been foreign and I thought that she might possibly come from a neighboring country like Poland for example.

I was shocked to learn in the paper this week that this woman was one of my countrywomen who used to live in Berlin like me. She came from France and only lived to be 27 years old. Her name was Pilar Valadié and apparently, she used to be an artist in Berlin. It looks like her murderer killed her for her money and cut her throat opened before throwing her into the canal. Sorry for all these details but I find this to be so horrible that it needs to be known. The police now have arrested a suspect, a 29 year old man from Senegal. It is not yet known how and where exactly this woman crossed the path of her murderer. However, I am shocked that such a horrible crime has happened near my building.

I personally don’t feel very safe in Görlitzer Park and this confirms my general feeling about this park in a way. It is is sort of OK during the day but I sure wouldn’t walk there on my own in the middle of the night. A couple days before this crime happened, I was actually playing ball with my son in that park and decided to leave when it got dark at 9 PM. Before we left, our ball landed behind a row of trees and disappeared behind them. When I reached down to get it, I noticed that there was someone hiding behind those trees. Maybe this was a nice person, I don’t know, but I preferred not to go get the ball and go home without it!

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