Chevron Goes Ballistic

     |    Monday May 31st, 2010



Maybe black balloons would have been more fitting to the occasion. But the creativity of the folks behind the Change Chevron Campaign knows no bounds. At the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival (in the state of California, USA) activists handed out hundreds of balloons. The balloons had the picture of of Chevron CEO John Watson and the slogan ”Chevron – Clean Up Ecuador”. Soon after the green balloons appeared at the festival there was a conflict. The conflict is that Chevron is also the biggest sponsor of the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival. Indeed, the ‘old’ Chevron logo can be seen here.

Chevron wasted no time demanding that the festival organizers stop the Change Chevron Campaign from handing out the balloons. The campaigners themselves were not unhappy.  Because the festival succeeded only after hundreds of balloons were already released to the skies. The balloons are biodegradable! There are nice pictures of the event San Ramon.

P.S. Dang, they have real sun over there! Signing off from rainy cold Berlin…