Beyond Sports: Ready to Fly

     |    Thursday November 21st, 2013


I think it is much more difficult to conform than it is to defeat the desire to pursue what you really believe in. There is nothing more powerful than wanting something with all your heart and Lindsey Van, the main character in the documentary READY TO FLY, by William A. Kerig, shows us that this is her secret to being unstoppable.

Lindsey Van at U.S. Championships

At the age of seven, Lindsey Van was already dreaming of winning an Olympic medal, but the world of sport would not make it easy for her. As a child, her male coaches told her that ski jumpers were thin and slight – and male – which is to say, nothing like her. “Fat don’t fly”, they used to tell her. But they were wrong, because Lindsey Van did fly, and really well, and really far. When she was 24 years old she became the very first Women’s World Ski Jumping Champion. But her fight was not over. By the time the Olympics came to Canada in 2010, she had already won countless competitions, including 13 American national championships, and she was setting records that beat even the men’s. But the International Olympic Committee refused to recognize women’s ski jumping as an official Olympic sport. After a long and intense fight, and many court battles in the press spotlight, Van and her team won the chance to compete at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

ready_to_fly_blog_03READY TO FLY follows Van’s 12-year-long battle, a struggle that goes beyond achieving a professional dream. We witness how her personal story becomes a precedent in the fight for gender equality and an extraordinary inspiration for everyone. The film says “dreams don’t die”, so there are two options: going after them, or sleeping a bit worst every night.

Clara Rodríguez A.