Berlin Diary: and the beat goes on – SOULMIND goes 1UP

     |    Thursday June 16th, 2011

Just in time – xhiller’s got the weekend sound track of chilled beats from Berlin by Scott Hobbs and Soulmind! And to accompany this soundblending work of art, I offer you a pic snapped in the immediate neighborhood: it’s 1UP, folks!

1UP - graffiti in kreuzberg - Nürtigenschulhof

I have often asked myself: what does all this 1UP graffiti mean? I see it absolutely everywhere… Then very recently I saw a young girl playing Nintendo… and what does Mario win : you got it, 1UP! And what is 1UP?

Of course, my angels, it’s another life! How awesome is that?
Karsten Soulmind and Scott Hobbs have definitely earned their big 1UP with this:

Thanks for the beautiful mix guys and thanks to the  1UP crew for brightening my day too.


Yours in X’berg,