Berlin Diary: Fall

     |    Tuesday September 21st, 2010

Berlin is not just a city of nightclubs, bars, partying young people, regular Janes and Joes going to work, school kids, cyclists, car drivers, dogs and their owners getting taken for a walk. It is also a city of trees. Now that the season is changing from late summer to early autumn, nature is starting to throw off its ballast so its beauties can survive another long winter. Hence, chestnuts on the sidewalk. Singly, not yet en masse. But if you find a fully encased chestnut, take it home, set it on your kitchen table and in a few days, if you’re lucky, the casing will crack and out will fall a perfectly smooth and glossy deep wood gem.

This sidewalk chestnut was photographed inside the restaurant Baraka at Lausitzer Platz. Stop by for a falafel sandwich but definitely try the roasted vegetables in pita. Tasty.