Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art Has Relaunched Their Website

     |    Monday July 4th, 2011


Our relaunched website is now online at We’ve been fine-tuning the new design for a while now to find the most appropriate way of presenting our comprehensive range of different activities. The result was also supposed to reflect the fact that the discursive exploration of film and video art is an important part of our work, a process best geared to expression via text. In other words: we have a lot to say!

The new design takes this into account and makes use of compressed text “clouds”, which open upon being clicked, for clarity. The main menu bar brings together all the institute’s areas of activity at a glance and has been expanded to include “collection”, “transfer” and “arsenal on tour”, three important areas which were less visible in the past. The service item in the main menu is also new and combines the many services provided by Arsenal, such as cinema rental, film print care or screening facilities. The improved cinema calendar, which can also be found in the main menu, can now be viewed according to the day or week chosen and also provides information about our many activities beyond Potsdamer Platz. And last, but not least, it’s also important to mention that the entire website is now available in both German and English. Have fun browsing and reading!