A little less racist…

     |    Tuesday March 23rd, 2010

A little less racist isn’t good enough.

Under American law, sentencing for possession of crack cocaine is 100 times higher than for powder cocaine.  A person caught with 5 grams of crack in their pocket receives the same prison sentence as someone holding 500 grams of powder cocaine. Crack is cheaper than powder cocaine, probably because most crackusers live in inner-city (black) ghettos. Powder cocaine on the otherhand is mostly used by well-off white ’shakers and movers’ as their the drug of choice to keep them going.  Exactly this type of institutionalized inequality is the topic of the realeyz.tv film INJUSTICE SYSTEM IN AMERICA.

A bill now before the US Senate aims to reduce (from 100:1 to 20:1) but not eliminate the gap in sentencing for possessing crack vs powder cocaine. The CREDO action is against laws that support institutionalized racism. Racism ‘light’ is still racist!